Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Very Special Treat

I don't get people food very often so when I do, It's a very special day. I tasted something I've never tasted before...something called watermelon. Well, they didn't actually GIVE it to me, I kind of 'sharked' (as dad would say) it from Riley and then Mom said to go ahead and let me have a little. Jameson let me eat some right from his hand...just GAVE it to me - can you believe it????? I only ate the red part and was it ever good!!!!!!! I sucked the juice out of each bite and dropped the rest on the ground. What a wonderful day!!!!! Why don't they make watermelon flavored dog food? That would be the BEST!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I Believe I Can Fly....

or at the very least, look BEAUTIFUL! Usually I don't like it when Quinn dresses me up - I bite and tear at the clothes and try to get them off the only way a dog like me can...which is ANY WAY!
But these wings...ahhhh...there's something about these wings that I ADORE. I never try to get them fact...I do a bit of prancing when I have them on. I want everyone to look at me...see how very beautiful I look in them. Heck, I'll even take a nap with these beauties on. I feel a little sad when someone 'takes pity' on me and takes them off. I want to say "LEAVE THEM ON! LEAVE THEM ON!" But you know, people are NOT as smart as they think they are. All they think I'm saying is "arf arf arf arf arf". You'd think they would have figured out how to talk Jack Russell by now. Gotta go... Riley's talking to me in that funny 'Jane' voice again...I have to go pay some attention to him...It's a dog's life ya know

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yes, I CAN swim....

I just don't like to!

Early afternoon, Mom said "Jane, wanna go swimming?" I had no idea what that word meant, but by the sound of her voice, it had to be something fun!! Plus, I am a dog that likes to do new and exciting things. I wagged my tail and ran outside (with a leash on, of course - I keep waiting for one of them to forget the leash part!!!)

Next thing I knew, the leash was off (yea!!!!!!). My joy was shortlived when I was placed in the giant water bowl that I usually see the kids in. Panic....panic....panic....panic....I swam as fast as I could to get to the edge - I couldn't get out!!!!!! I tried and tried and was no use, I couldn't get out! Riley was right in there with me though - that made me feel a little better. Still, I DID NOT LIKE THE GIANT WATER BOWL. Who knew? I've been watching them in it all summer - it looked like fun. Never did I imagine how truly horrible it was - those poor kids - in it EVERY DAY. I feel so bad for them. I hope they NEVER put me in it again.

Next time I hear Mom say "Jane, wanna go swimming?" I will run the other way. Fast. Fast like a Jack Russell Terrier.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Me and the GIRL

Don't get me wrong - I love her....I really do...but, this dressing me up thing??? Not so much. It has GOT to stop! Quinn is my favorite girl in the whole family but this twin business? It's not my thing - especially when she wants to dress up in black turtlenecks and skirts in the middle of August!

Maybe it's payback for running away from her this morning. Quinn was doing a good thing - she was taking me out to go potty when Mom was taking in the groceries. I was happy because Quinn is not allowed to take me out. Why? Because I am strong and tough and active and I like to run! She is 6 and cannot really hold on to my leash if I spot something I need to get - like a SQUIRREL for instance.

Well, it wasn't my pure unadulterated stength that enabled me to get away from her - it was the fact that she put my collar on wrong! Yee-ha! I did a little peeing and then I was OUT OF THERE! The best part was the look on her face when she saw me running. She looked down in confusion at the leash still in her hand and then she started crying.

I knew that Mom, Riley and Jameson would soon be on my tail - trying to catch me once again.
I ran down the street, got a couple pets from a nice lady, then saw Mom and took off across the street! Ha-ha! I ran down the road and stopped to do some more business and there was Riley - on his bike and ready to pick me up!! I took off again, running back toward the nice lady who pet me - flew past Mom and Quinn (who had by now stopped crying- thank goodness). I saw some treats on the sidewalk that Mom had probably set out in order to trick me into stopping. It almost worked - if I wouldn't have had to poop so much again I would have stopped for a bite to eat. Too late - Mom grabbed me mid potty break. Darn! back into the house I went.

And there was Jameson, sitting on the couch playing with his DS - apparently unconcerned about the fact that I ran away. He would have let me run forever - I knew there was something about that boy that I liked.

I wonder when QUINN will be taking me out again....I'll be waiting..

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I barked and barked and barked and barked and barked and barked and people, at dogs, at chipmunks and most of all - at those DARN SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More to come...I've got a lot to say (as always)


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